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Hi, I make games! And also music! That's about it.

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Posted by WarmanSteve - September 11th, 2017

The game that I've been cooking up with my team is finally done! Super Perspective's steam page is now live, and the game will launch September 15th! Shout out to my crazy talented teammates, and everybody who supported us along the way to our first major release!


Posted by WarmanSteve - February 22nd, 2017

My team and I have been hacking away at it for about two years now, but the follow up to popular Perspective game is finally up for voting on Greenlight! We're proud to present: Super Perspective! If you have time to drop by and vote/share, we'd really appreciate it. We're expecting to launch some time in March.


Posted by WarmanSteve - December 25th, 2014

Hint sheet for people who are stuck and want a little help!


Grass 1:

Hint 1: Remember that you can Perspective Shift! Sometimes it's helpful for making platforming easier.

Hint 2: You can Perspective Shift in midair.


Grass 2: 

Hint 1: Boxes can help you get to higher places

Hint 2: There's a correlation between the switch colors and the block colors at the end of the level.


Grass 3: 

Hint 1: Remember that boxes break if they're colliding with something when you Perspective Shift. You can bring them back and reset their positions with Reset Switches!

Hint 2: Bouncy boxes go pretty high. Maybe you can catch a lift? You can also use one box to help you push another one where it needs to be.


Grass 4:

Hint 1: Look carefully.

Hint 2: The blue block at the end moves very slowly. I wonder why? Remember to Perspective Shift!


Sand 1: 

Hint 1: Watch your shadow to help you avoid landing on cacti.

Hint 2: One box on it's own isn't tall enough to make the final jump.


Sand 2:

Hint 1: If you lose the magic carpet, the reset switch will bring it back.

Hint 2: Remember to Perspective Shift! It might help with putting boxes where they need to be.


Sand 3:

Hint 1: The ancient murals totally disappear in 2D, so you can use this to move boxes through them!

Hint 2: There are several ways to solve the last puzzle. Remember that you can stand on murals in 3D!


Sand 4:

Hint 1: Run! Remember that you can pass through murals in 2D.

Hint 2: Keep an eye out for a hidden button.


Ice 1:

Hint 1: Ice will keep moving into it runs into something once you push it. Ice can break too, but Reset Switches will bring them back.

Hint 2: Remember that ice doesn't necessarily need to be in the right place in 3D for it to work in 2D!


Ice 2:

Hint 1: Remember to look at your antenna to tell whether or not you can Perspective Shift. The lighter blue blocks aren't meaningless.

Hint 2: Use the switches at the end to move blocks so that you can get the ice where it needs to be. Remember to use the reset switch if you break the ice!


Ice 3:

Hint 1: You can solve the first puzzle in two moves, the first of which is pushing the tallest ice block all the way back. You need to Perspective Shift, though.

Hint 2: You can solve the box puzzle by pushing the box onto the switch. You can also bypass the box if you find a creative way to keep the button pressed down!


Ice 4:

Hint 1: You need to get all 4 ice blocks onto all 4 pressure plates.

Hint 2: You need to press the first blue switch at least two times to solve this puzzle.


Space 1:

Hint 1: Remember that platforming is usually easier in 2D.

Hint 2: You need to push one box onto the other.


Space 2:

Hint 1: You can take advantage of Perspective Shift to pass through portals without triggering them.

Hint 2: That box takes a long time to reach the ground when you reset it. I wonder why?


Space 3:

Hint 1: The entirety of this level has a portal in the middle. Remember that!

Hint 2: Watch carefully for a switch early on. It will allow you to get to the end later.


Space 4:

Hint 1: Some boxes and switches are only there so that you can backtrack and open shortcuts.

Hint 2: The colorless boxes seem to be connected somehow.


Good luck, and I hope you enjoy Perspective!

Posted by WarmanSteve - November 20th, 2014

Coming VERY soon. Stay tuned!


Posted by WarmanSteve - July 13th, 2014

Wanna keep up with all my dumb music? Then come visit my Facebook page!


Posted by WarmanSteve - June 27th, 2014

Posted by WarmanSteve - December 29th, 2013


Music coming soon <3

Posted by WarmanSteve - December 1st, 2013

Long time no see Newgrounds! I haven't been posting music much lately, but that's because I've been busy making a game! It's called BEAT, it's a rhythm based bullet hell, it's finished, and you can download it here: (http://vgdev.org/games/#42). Though I was the project lead, several talented individuals helped with the music, art, and level design. If you get a chance, check it out! Other than that, I'll be getting better headphones and a microphone soon, so more music is coming. Peace!

Posted by WarmanSteve - July 29th, 2013

Hello denizens of Newgrounds! Just making my fashionably (Or not) late introductory post that nobody will ever read. I'm a college student who makes music because I enjoy it, and if other people happen to like my stuff, that's just the icing the on the cake. I try to upload a song every week or so, but that varies depending on inspiration/busyness and whatnot. If you want to use one of my songs for something, go for it! Just be sure to credit me and stuff. That's all I have to say. Now go do something productive.